The Plastering Forum

The Plasterers Forum has been around for over 7 years now and we have grown to a fantastic size. With over 11,000 plasterers register and today we have over 250,000 posts. The Plasterers Forum is for anybody who has an interest in plastering, whether you are just starting your plastering apprenticeship or you have finished and you are looking at starting your own business then we at The Plasterers Forum can help you find your way.

Some of the subjects that we have covered in the past are as follows.

Are you looking at getting into the big money of Contractor Plastering? If you are then to get the best real first hand advice you need to come and visit us as we have many members already in the contractor plastering position and can help you out and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

If you are fed up with your current job and are looking to re train maybe plastering is something you have considered doing? Well if it is we have been discussing plastering courses and what to really expect when you go to a plastering training centre.

A plastering course is not always the right option and on the plasterers forum we will help you find a plasterer in your area show you the ropes and get you started.

Plastering skills is something that is discussed a lot whether its discussing methods of plastering a wall or skimming a ceiling as there are many methods that plasterers up and down the country use and sometimes the method that you use could be improved or even you could help someone improve their plastering skills.

Diy Plastering is what most people ask about. They don’t want to pay the price of a plasterer but would like to have a go themselves. We get a lot of questions and we do our best to help answer these diy plastering questions and we also offer support of the job goes wrong.

If you are a plasterer and you have found that work has gone a little slack then we have a section where work is posted and you can apply also a lot of plastering jobs get shared about the forum between members. The Plasterers Forum has been responsible for helping unemployed plasterers get back on their feet.

A very new section to The Plasterers Forum is the Marble Plastering Forum – This is the place where you can ask anything about Marble plastering. You may be looking for some new materials or trying to achieve a certain effect. This is also the place where you can learn how to go about getting into marble plastering and Venetian plastering. We show you the best marble plastering courses in the UK.
A plasterers most important tool is their trowel and the discussions we have had is unbelievable. We have discussed the best size the best shape. We have also started reviewing some new materials like Plastic trowels and how and when they can be used in the plastering industry.

The rendering forum is always busy, and because of so many variables that come with rendering. What stones do you use when pebble dashing? what sand is best to use? The other questions is related that these new modern renders, like Krend and weber.

The newest forum to the Plasterers forum is the Machine Plastering section. Take a look at this very interesting way to plaster. Spray plastering is very common on site as you can normally put bigger areas on and its not as back breaking as using a hawk and trowel.

You may want to know what is the best plastering machine or what generator is needed.

So as you can see the Plasterers Forum is a very big community and the subjects we cover are far and wide. We also have a public bar where members can just hang out and chat and discuss anything.

The Plasterers Forum is the busiest plastering related forum on the internet come and join the plastering fun